Elizabeth's Lullaby Songtext
von Karliene

Elizabeth's Lullaby Songtext

Eyes sapphire blue,
pale skin like the moon,
with a crown of fire and gold
You will be loved,
this I know to be true,
my sweet little baby girl

They'll travel so far
to revere and admire
the Princess of fire and gold.
For you will be loved,
you will rouse and inspire
my beautiful, flame headed girl

I'll watch you grow strong,
see the lion you'll become
with a mane of fire and gold.
Oh you will be loved,
and I'll be so proud,
my beautiful, flame headed girl

And when the night comes,
you will rise like the sun,
my daughter of fire and gold.
And you will be loved
as you shine from above,
my beautiful, flame headed girl.

So sleep my love, sleep
I'll be here as you dream,
kiss your hair of fire and gold,
Oh you are so loved,
you're the heart of me,
my beautiful, sweet baby girl.

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