The Roc in Here Songtext
von Kanye West

The Roc in Here Songtext

I got girls in my room like hostages
Giving me neck like ostriches
Give some play to the real Kanye
Cause we all know who the impostas is
All my gangsters mob to this
And all my strippers do your job to this
Hell no I can't give you my cell phone
But you know where the hotel lobby is
For ya'll the same girls wouldn't give me no ass
Now I done highly surpassed my whole upper-class
Bet if I meet her now I can fuck her fast, I pass
I be on some new shit
I wouldn't fuck none of the girls I went to school with
Fuck around I ain't be on no cool shit
Like you don't see the models that me and my crew get
You don't see the frivolous jewels I bought with The Blueprint
She said "Whoa! Kanye don't get caught up in the hype
Ain't no telling they gon' love you after the night."
Well if tonight's the night pop bottles fuck models
Spend money till you're broke my nigga live your life
Cause I'm living international nigga American dream
And all my dawgs living vicariously through me
So if I get head from Trin', that one for the team
Fuck 702, that one for the crew
My dawg Hip Hop really love Claudette
So if I ever get to smash, this fuck's for you
I can barely drive the G5 down King Drive
Just like the Brinks trucks, they know it's money inside

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