Stack of Ones Songtext
von K Camp & Damar Jackson

Stack of Ones Songtext

Stack Of Ones
K Camp
If you searchin' for the one, I'm the real thing
Tell me what you really know about sacrifice
Kush got me in the air like a trampoline
Lord watch over me, I ain't livin' right
Used to dream 'bout these days that I'm livin' now
I swear it all made sense like a week ago
Every day I gotta deal with some bullshit
I swear it's harder than it looks, like a finger roll
I appreciate all of my brothers
Gotta know I made room at the dinner table
They was here when the boy had nothin'
It's only right that we ball 'til we're unstable
Wild nights on the north, free the boy Gabriel
Went from Girbaud jeans to the Black Label
Now it's 6 figure deals at the round table
Give it to you ass direct, you don't need cable
I'm a young player comin' from the best side
Shout out [?] on the west side
I ain't even gon' lie, baby yes I'm
Just tryna fuck, so let's ride

We can ride through the city with the roof missin'
You can tell them other bitches they can mind their business
Deep down, man they just wanna be you
You ever threw a stack of ones out the sunroof?

(You ever threw a stack of ones out the sunroof?)
Sellin' things we can hang out the window
Will you still be around when the wind blows?
A stack of money is exactly what we sin for
(You ever threw a stack of ones out the sunroof?)

Plenty try to imitate but let me demonstrate
I'm the one that they want, get the record straight
Had to let the ho go like a limit date
Like a chess game, ho I got moves to make
You don't wanna miss the show, keep your eyes open
Had to talk to Ma Dukes just to stay focused
I swear it happened so fast that I can't explain
Roll the weed to relive, gotta stay sane
So ahead of these niggas, man they can't hang
In the streets tryna stay up out the chain gang
These niggas can't hang with ol' Eddie Kane
Know some get-money niggas, on the same thing

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