Ain’t Waitin’ Songtext
von Justin Townes Earle

Ain’t Waitin’ Songtext

It's Sunday mornin',
fryin' chicken
Watchin' baby workin'
in the kitchen
I got in late last night
And I'm movin' a little slow

I ain't waitin' on nothin'
I just got nowhere to go

I need a haircut
I could take a shave
I could stand to hear my baby call me
By my name now
Put on a country station
On that satellite radio

I ain't waitin' on nothin'
I just love her so

Well now I've been working
I've been gone for a couple weeks
Now I got nothing but time
And the only thing that I'm worried 'bout
Is keeping that woman right there in my reach

So I got a pocket full of money
Shopping I wanna do
I had my sights set on a pair of
white buck shoes
But another day
Ain't gonna hurt a thing
No, baby

I ain't waitin' on nobody
Nobody waitin' on me
No I ain't waitin' on nobody
No one waitin' on me, baby

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