The Jim Bridger Story Songtext
von Johnny Horton

The Jim Bridger Story Songtext

Once there was a mountain man who couldn′t write his name
Yet he deserves the front row seat in History's Hall of Fame

He forgot more about the Indians than we will ever know
He spoke the language of the Sioux, the Black Foot and the Crow

(Let′s drink to old Jim Bridger yes lift your glasses high)
As long as there's the USA don't let his memory die

(That he was making history never once occured to him)
But I doubt if we′d been here if it weren′t for men like Jim

[ Ac.guitar ]
He spoke with General Custer and said listen Yellow Hair
The Sioux are the great nation so treat 'em fair and square

Sit in on their war councils, don′t laugh away their pride
But Custer didn't listen at Little Big Horn Custer died

(Let′s drink to old Jim Bridger...
[ Ac.guitar ]
There's poems and there′s legends that tell of Carson's fame
Yet compared to Jim Bridger Kit was civilized and tame

These words are straight from Carson's lips if you place that story by him
If there′s a man who knows this God forsaken land it′s Jim

(Let's drink to old Jim Bridger...)

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