The Golden Rocket Songtext
von Johnny Horton

The Golden Rocket Songtext

From old Montana down to Alabam I′ve been before and I'll travel again
You triflin′ women can't keep a good man down
You dealt the cards but you missed a play so hit the road and be on your way
Gonna board the Golden Rocket and leave this town
[ Guitar ]
Well hear her thunder on through the night this Golden Rocket is doin' me right
And that sunny southland sure is a part of me
From your call board earse my name
Your fire went out you done lost your flames
And this Golden Rocket is gonna roll my blues away

Yeah I was a good engine a runnin′ on time but baby I′m switchin' to another line
So honey never hang your signal out for me
I′m tired of runnin' on the same old track
Bought a one way ticket and I won′t be back
This Golden Rocket's gonna blow my blues away
[ Guitar ]
Well hear her thunder...

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