Good Sense Songtext
von Jet Life

Good Sense Songtext

Life... Uh
But what that is? (Good Sense)

Where haven't I Been Yet they still can't name it
And in this a jet world order... they are all in danger
And as I pack my luggage they pack their bankers
And every day I pray I make it
To all my people in the Struggle Assalamu alaikum
This is for my niggas on the corner
Moving hello quackers and tell lil momma on a stage this your world baby (Uh)
How I made it? hard working and dedication
But the shit I spit is history in the making
I am tre first bound to the day I meet my maker
My favorite color green
Man, I'm still paper chasing, stacking
I tried to tell them hustling my nature
But fuck'em I ain't trippin'
Cause im riding around getting it
This that good sense
Ain't no love for the ignorance
Niggas getting even
Ain't no love for they enemies
What's my demeanor man
My mind frame militant

Yeah Jet Life, Jet Life, nigga yeah
But what that is?(Good Sense)
By all means gotta get your grind on
Word the rosee im trappin' off my iphone
This rap shit keep me miles away from home
Shout out to the homie Spitta
Thats my nigga he put me on
Ask my nigga stone about they stone
And like my Houston cats im riding on chrome
Follow my fathers footprints
So p don't leave me wrong
Shit my camera threat
Better ring the alarm
And I ain't buggin if im spend it im gon get that back
I'm just a lil nigga from canan next at bat
Cause I free my thoughts and put that shit on wax
But on the another low my hood don't raise no rats
Its only trill niggas in my staff
And lets keep it real the week don't ever last
Ant that bitch you hitting trash
And that shit you spitting trash
And the shit I spit gon put me on the map

Jet life, Jet life, Nigga Yeah
But what that is? (good sense)
Smell me from the block away I'm gone off that purple haze
I've been working all this time without no breaks
Tell my hood niggas stack your cake keep yourself safe
Cause that clock ticking ain't no time to waste
Had so much money in my face that I didn't blink
But like an Indian arrow my money straight
All I need is a frame for this picture that I paint
Mo money, mo problems
So im twisting more stank
Smelling like a pound while I'm the bank

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