Miss You Love Songtext
von Jessica Harp

Miss You Love Songtext

Walking around, head in my hands
Wish on a star and breathe if I can
Because Im choking on lies
You told me enough
But I'd take them some more
If you'd walk back through the door
Cause I miss you love
And I need to feel
Like Im a part of something real
I miss you love
Multi-colored dreams are all that I have
Because my reality is enough to make a girl go mad
I keep on telling myself
Im gonna rise above
But this thorny crown
Well it's weighing me down
I miss you love
I was your princess for so long
But it all went wrong
I miss you love
My eyes bear the weight of your smile
Id just love to hear you talk for awhile
And take me back in those familiar arms
Without the unnecessary charms
Baby I think we could get it all back
Even make up all that it lacked
Just tell me Im your girl
And that you're still in love
Because you made me complete
From my head down to my feet
I miss you love
And I need to feel
Like Im a part of something real
I miss you love

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