Morning Coffee Songtext
von Jesper Munk

Morning Coffee Songtext

Morning Coffee tastes like
Theres no use for me to gettin up again
And I dream your lips onto my skin
I've seen many of your future, plenty of your past
And I walk miles to get through you but your just, a bit too fast

It's a morning without you,
Without you
It's a morning without you

And I can't help beeing greeted for you
Greeted for more and just an idea of the truth
So take down, take down all your vanity get lost with me
Don't you focus on reasons to leave
And Shakespeare and his breed
They were just people like you and me
So we make those ghosts disappear
And if I say I wanna life for freedom oh
I mean that I wanna be caught by you only

Morning without you
I can't stand those mornings without you
It's just another morning without you

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