Valiant Faith Songtext
von Jenny Phillips

Valiant Faith Songtext

Too many people are
Just sliding by
Plugged into the world
But missing the meaning of life.
But I was born to be
A warrior of light
With faith to move mountains
And the power of God
Filling my life

I wanna live my life with honor and faith
I wanna return to his arms unashamed
It's not enough for me to live it
I'll follow him fearlessly all of my days
I will live with valiant faith.

I've lives for ages
I've prepared for this life
I won't be confused
Or crossed to the enemy's side.
I am girded with power and truth
Siding with God,
And pouring out blessings
In all that I do.

Valiantly, fearlessly
I'm fighting for the mighty king.
Valiantly, fearlessly,
I'm fighting for the mighty king

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