Loving Hand Songtext
von Jay Malinowski

Loving Hand Songtext

There came a time when life confound,
The very things that held my ground,
One black Thursday

A sweet sixteen amphetamine,
I used her until she used me,
Sweet libertines

No holy roller, bad controller
Could rescue a man from that dark water,
That engulfed me

Fixed and caught up, block and locked up,
That's a prison no man breaks out of,
My back against the wall

To the loving hand! To the loving hand,
Could you bring back some of my friends
To the loving hand! To the loving hand,
To you I make my amends

There's no lover, there's no cover
I got hit and there I shuddered
My heart was very still

Doc I've been shot hold me down!
Get me out of this scenester town,
And you can have my crown.


I headed west, such a mess
A 26-ounce life better blessed
I fell to my knees

In that cold wind, on the Pacific Rim,
All those bad things I sat in,
Until I gave my sin


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