Anymore Songtext
von jan SEVEN dettwyler

Anymore Songtext

Stop looking after me
Its just her piece I want to be
About me I dont know
Just her . want to roll
Its a leaving with
Its let us bought up some more
Than ever before
Its a future I want to kiss
But the best stop will forever miss
Its a fantasy that you need
Taking eternity or wait
Wait and be
Dont know where to go
There is a hole in my soul
No laugh and no fun
Guess you are the one
Dont know what to go for
No waiting no

I kill the wait
And sorrow and .
Yours I am and will forever be
It feels that God has prayed for your .
You wont wait its just not .
I paid out attention to your soul
But you still dont care about me
. You just call up my name
I just feel the same
The same
I just feel the same
There is no doubt anymore
There is always and end up at the end

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