Make U Happy (Unplugged) Songtext
von jan SEVEN dettwyler

Make U Happy (Unplugged) Songtext

Even at the top of the mountain there′s
Another hill to climb, so get
Ready for a long walk now, so get ready for
Another mile, if it all
Amounted to nothing would we put ourselves
Through this?
No we didn't have a fall-back plan, no we
Didn′t leave a home to
Miss. cause we got what we need, and we're
Looking for a miracle,
No, we don't mind waiting. no we don′t
Mind. looking for a miracle.
No we don′t mind waiting, no we don't mind.
No they said that we′d never make it, but
Maybe we already did.
We've been traveling a long road now. we′ve
Been giving all we
Have to give. let's remember the happy
Mistakes that we might have
Forgot along the way. it′s better to be
Humble now, it's better to
Admit we stray. cause we got what we need,
And we're looking for a
Miracle. and we don′t mind waiting, no we
Don′t mind. looking for
A miracle, no we don't mind waiting, no we
Don′t mind.

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