Eyesight Songtext
von James Brown

Eyesight Songtext

Huh, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha
Eyesight, ah-ha
Hit me, band!
Ah-ha, disco, huh
Ah-ha, oh

If you see something that don't belong to you
Be careful what you say, ha! Or mind what you do
Uh, 'cause late one night somebody called ya door
Your eyesight, yeah, ah-ha
I better say it again, disco

If you see something that don't belong to you
Be careful what you say or mind what you do
One day or late one night, somebody gonna
Destroy your eyesight
Hit me, band!

Ah-ha, yeah, take me
Ah-ha, take me
Baby, uh-huh
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Lookie here

I could stop this thing
If you think you see something that don't belong to you
You better ask yourself each day if they look good and fine
And my baby went
But how money have I spent?
Am I bound to move?
Am I really that good?

Who bought that car? Look in the mirror
You better ask yourself who you are
Do money walk? Do money talk?
Does B.S. walk? How about that?
Do money talk? Do B.S. walk?
I'ma do it right, 'cause I want my eyesight, haha

Disco, disco, haha
Hit me, band, uh
Lookie here, hey hey, uh-huh
Uh-huh, lookie here
You better change your mind
And sit yourself out that unemployment line, ow
Hit me, take me up

Hey, ask yourself these things
'Cause I don't, I don't want you to give yourself all a dead end
When you borrow somebody else's thing

Hit me, yeah, hit me, yeah
Funky, ow!
Ah-ha, get down, disco
Ah-ha, yow, ah-ha, yow

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