Walked Outta Heaven (Re-Recorded) Songtext
von Jagged Edge

Walked Outta Heaven (Re-Recorded) Songtext

(Verse 1)(brain)
I′m rolling down a, lonley highway asking god
To please forgive me for messing up the blessing
He gave to me i see,
Everything clearer now the nights is black as, black as its ever been
With out my girl imma lose it i pray that he would just shed his grace on me, i need,
Just to be back with my baby
It feels like i've just walked right out of heaven,
It feels like i′ve damn near thrown my life away,(hey)
Say like a child that's lost at seven,
Don't know what to do, to get back right wit chu,
It feels like i′ve just walked right out of heaven,
It feels like i′ve damn near thrown my life away, (hey yea yea)
Like a child that's lost at seven
Don′t know what to do,
It feels like i just walked, right out of heaven

See my mama told me thats if its meant to be she'll come back
And she′ll forgive me and the best thing i can do it to just
Let her, let her go i know, i don't wanna do it
But if i continue to push she′ll just pull away
And i know that in my heat its a reality
I didn't treat her like she wanted
To be treated, and i hope that shes not gone for good no no
(Bridge 1)
Hey girl waiting for you all the time,
Supposed to move on with my life, and girl i tried, and i tried
I feel like i can't walk, i feel like i can′t talk girl i dont know
What to do get back right wit chu i feel like i just walked outta heaven baby
If u ever loved somebody, and if you ever had somebody,
But you know that you hurt that somebody,
Let me here you say yea
[) (repeat until fade)

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