Leopard Songtext
von Jack Stauber

Leopard Songtext

God sent you wrapped in satin
Hey stop pretending I'm the captain
But yesterday we look down and say:
Every time we change it's great

It's nothing
Nothing happens

Little angel
You're no harm
I've got my smile and my sweetheart in my arms
You got me dancing to the music
I can't believe it
You've got me losin' all my sense, there's nothing to it!

Now how can I blame that on fate?

When you're right you're right baby
Every time we change it's too late!

I admit it
You look mighty fine
Hop into my suit
I'll take you for a ride
Lickety split
I am gone again
Swallow your spit
Sick consequence
I lost your signal
Get back in my range
Every time we change it's strange

And the minds under the floor
Don't see the life as a chore
Though the bad is gone and they're no longer sore
They can't feel the light anymore

Keep the promise sealed in pain
Every time we change
It rains

Open up open up I'm alive
Cut that psyche I'm inside
Loser I know you will stay the same
Every time we change, it's a game

Oh yeah!
Natural as the moon!
Feel it out!
Coming soon!

Brain to remain
You're a fool!
Every time we change
It's cool!

I am doing fine
How can I remember everything all the time
Heavenly poised,
the shoes and my shirt are lined up for the winter now
I will rearrange the frantic
Every time we change there's panic

Then you'll say to you:
Every time we change

You can smile and say you had
Every time we change: be glad

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