Catfish Blues Songtext
von Heritage Blues Orchestra

Catfish Blues Songtext

I wish I was a catfish
Swimming in the deep blue sea
I'd have so many women
Fishing after me!
If I was a catfish
And your belly was upon
I'd jumped down to the bottom
And make myself at home, at home
You tell me, are you.
That you keep on.
Sometimes I believe
You got the rubber in your back, in your back
If I hit it, tell me I can get
.All night long
Leave so early in the morning, baby

I won't tell you, tell you like the catfish
Like the catfish told the man
He said move your belly, baby
But honey, please go move you down
My momma was a suit dress
And she learned me how to sow
My daddy was...
But he taught me how to sow, how to sow
The next time I get berried,
And ain't by me no new...
She got...

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