I’m Sorry For You My Friend Songtext
von Hank Williams

I’m Sorry For You My Friend Songtext

You′ve known so long that you were wrong
But still you had your way
You told her lies and alibis
And hurt her more each day

But now your conscience bothers you
You've reached your journey′s end
You're asking me for sympathy
I'm sorry for you, my friend

You laughed inside each time she cried
You tried to make her blue
She tagged along through right and wrong
Because she worshipped you

You know that you′re the one to blame
There′s no use to pretend
Today's the day you start to pay
I′m sorry for you, my friend

Today, as she walked arm in arm
At someone else's side
It made you stop and realize
That time has turned the tide

You should have known you′d be alone
'Cause cheaters never win
You tried and lost, now pay the cost
I′m sorry for you, my friend

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