Father and Son Songtext
von Gamma Ray

Father and Son Songtext

Did you ever want to worry?
Did you ever wanna have a doubt?
You wanted the best for me,
Somehow things went wrong.
And it tore us apart.

Did you ever think it was so easy,
Thought my time was running out
Tried it how I wanted to
But you did not agree

But I was calling for you, for you
But I was calling for you

Father, you can't hide,
It's time to lose the pride - some day.
Take a look and see,
I'm blue as I can be.

In former days you made your own way,
Found an easy way of life.
But I'll be never satisfied to work from nine till five.
I am heading for more

I remember what you've said
But I know I won't regret
When I try to break the rules
I'm searching for my way, my own way

Father, you can't hide
Your feelings deep inside - oh no
There's a better way
For you and me today.

I can't stand it anymore
It's only you and me,
We have to talk and see.
How things are gonna be,
But all I want is peace
Father, Father, Father

Father, now it's time,
We ain't losin' our minds any more
It seems so long ago,
Fate will bring us hope!

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