Right This Time Songtext
von G FrSH

Right This Time Songtext

I think you got all you came for
Lover, lover
Kicking up doubt; and what for?
Going to be covered in dust
You came all this way for a door
Watching others break it down
Now I see what you came for, lover
All and nothing aren't the same score

I came for it all, I came here to ball
Some came for a brick, I came for the wall
I came for the baddest bitches with an aim of having em all
Then I came time and time again, came for more then got bored
So I came and I saw, conquered bought me a fort
Julia caesed all opportunities from university to that raw
They never gave me a hand, it's cool, I never came for applause
Sanity over vanity and rewards over awards
So I do it for acclaim, never for the fame
All in all I've probably lost more than I gained
Table full of champs, drinking away the pagne
Cause the madder you become when you're tryna stay sane
Niggas in the game get a little chain
Couple free kicks and think that were the same
I'm a stand up nigga, and they act funny
Like their show money ain't my SHOW money
And I love rap, but it's like when you finally get the pussy
And it ain't all that
Swear you'll never go back
Now she's sitting in your lap
Telling me relax
Telling me "toke that"

Is it gonna be right this time?
Is it gonna be golden?
Is it gonna be right this time?
Right, oh
Is it gonna be right this time?
Is it gonna be golden?
Is it gonna be right this time?
Right, oh

She came for a link, came for the free drinks
Came on a bus, but she came in a mink
Came a long way from Barbie dolls and Tamagotchis in pink
Now it's all Tinder and Instagram and niggas liking her pics
Her name's always on a list, did she tells you she sings
And how she don't want a man, she's just doing her thing
She came to get turnt up and then turnt down in the sink
And her favourite lie, "I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks"
So no plan for her life, just a plan for the night
Feeling kinda low so she's tryna get high
Split from her hubby cause he had a wife
Tried and got tired a bit of being on the side
To top it all off, her baby daddy's inside
She don't ever a visit, he don't ever write
Club's just finished, we're on a hype
I turn up the sound, I pull up outside like
(I think you got all you came for)
(Do you want more?)
Cause she just want a someone, somewhere at the top
She's either gonna blow up or self-destruct
Back to hers, then we fuck
All she really wanted was a kiss and a hug, cause her eyes say

I thought you got all you came for
O-oh. o-oh. o-oh. o-oh
Shut her down
Going to take you outside
Sifting up a reason from the lonely dirt
When it's over you'll be golden
Over, over
Shut her down
Going to take you outside
Sucking up the dust from your static crown
Just the time away you'll be golden
Over, over

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