Too Long Songtext
von G FrSH

Too Long Songtext

G: You′re... yeah... listen... let me, let me call you back in one sec
Girl: Don't even bother
G: What′s wrong?
Girl: Nothing
G: Nothing's wrong?
Girl: No, nothing's wrong
G: Oi, you lot. Just carry on, you know. I′ll be back in one minute
Girl: Oh, so you′re tapping me now yeah?
G: Stop it, don't...
Girl: Yeah, I′m dumb for fucking with you
G: Oh, ok. Well you know what, I can't be bothered to answer-
Girl: Ugh, you never can, can you? Nothing bothers you, init? Cause you′re G fucking FrSH!

The sad truth's that I told no lie
We were eyes wide, on love′s blind-sighted
Made a lot of lust with our eyes wide shut
It's always too much when you can't get enough
So yeah, I should′ve known, should′ve known
Ain't a Girl in the world who really wanna be alone
Yeah, I know that they say that, but
You know, they′re just saying that
Situationships slash relationships
Slash I love you babe slash you make me sick
Slash you're the worst kind of my favourite
When the music stops, we start facing it
When the silence there, the truth appears
I ask you how you are, you say "why′d you care?"
"What? you think I don't feel shit?"
"What? you think I don′t feel shit?"
Cause this weren't part of the plan
I'm sorry I can′t be your man
I′m sorry that you understood
And even more, now you don't understand
Now you′re sitting on Insta
Tryna turn likes into love
Looking at Beyoncé and Jigga
Thinking how that could've been us

G: Look, just calm down, look, like... I can′t even talk right now, let me just call you back
Girl: Fuck that! You don't need to call me back! Call me back for what? What are you gonna say this time that′s different?
G: Look, what are you actually pissed about?
Girl: Look, G, I'm done with this shit
G: Done with what, though? Like, we've already been through all this
Girl: You selfish little prick! Fuck you! Fuck your music! In fact, go fuck your little groupie whores...

So we′re all-out here, playing slap
Cards face-down, tryna find a match
Or on a mad one since mad young
Isn′t it ironic that it all ends up in a sad song
Even when there's no strings attached
Somebody falling in
Somebody falling back
Cuh we spent long nights and them short days
Drinking champagne, playing board games
Matching jays in my hallway
What′s'appin like all day?
So, I know you ain′t Crazy
Just crazy 'bout me
I can see your broken heart
And how you love me with every broken piece

Fucking with my heart for too long
For too long, too long

And those three words
Could change your whole world
You fell and I couldn′t catch you
Maybe that's why they say "love hurts"
Now you're sitting on Insta
Tryna turn likes into love
Looking at Beyoncé and Jigga
Thinking how that could′ve been us

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