Tomorrow Songtext
von Flipsyde

Tomorrow Songtext

And if it all goes down,
Then tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be found.
If you see what I believe,
Let your sorrow, sorrow set you free.

I've been travelling for so long, making tracks across this nation,
I didn't evolve strong, strength, ...tion??
If I could focus on greatness, my future can't escape it,
But my existence ain't given, I gots to fuckin' take it
Ain't nothing guaranteed, enjoy the air I breathe,
With every phrase that I speak, I'm writing history,
My baby brother's gone, and I can't wait to see him
But I got a fam'(ily) man, ain't no way I'll ever leave 'em!
Two sons, the way to their future is two turns (??)
Gotta teach them about these hops, crooked bitches and rocks,
Start 'em reading so these magicians can't ever decieve 'em,
Teach them to think so they don't drown in this poisonous evil.??... scars
My spirit.??
But physically we fight and mentally we fall
It's all a circle, I'll (?)read this script and(?) play along, until tomorrow, when there's no such thing as right or wrong

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