If I’m on the Late Side Songtext
von Faces

If I’m on the Late Side Songtext

If I'm late, darling, don't hesitate
Just go without me and I'll see you there anyway
If I miss you at the station
I want you on that train

I don't want a sad sack
'Cause I'll be there come what may
Leave a message with the porter
Or leave it at the gate
Just let me know that you're aboard her
Just a word to know that you're safe

I walk from Maryland to Silvertown
I hoped to catch you in the street
I must have missed you by a moment dear
I tried the place we alway meet

So if I'm late darling, don't hesitate
Go on your own some
And I'll catch you there anyway
I might lose some time babe
But if I do
I'll make amends in an hour
When I'm laying down beside you

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