Winter Moon Songtext
von Erutan

Winter Moon Songtext

In the woodlands low, born of ice and snow,
There's a maiden weeping tonight.
Snow falls softly 'neath the winter moon

Forest bare and white, she dwells there by night
Listen to her cry sorrow's song.
Tears falls softly 'neath the winter moon

Breathless, icy, bright. Daughter of the night.
Oh, who do you cry for?
Keening softly 'neath the winter moon

Fuyu no tsuki, fuyu no tsuki, kanashimi utsusu fuyu no tsuki
Kogoeru fuyu no tsuki no yoru ni yuki no otome hana o mistuke ni
Yuki ni umoreta sanrin no naka o tabi tsuzukena sai

Traveler passing through, feet all bare, his smile was true
His eyes shone with starlight
He waked softly 'neath the winter moon

Love made my heart soar, you're the one I've waited for
Stay with me forever
She cried softly 'neath the winter moon

In the snow he stayed, from my side he did not stray
My hands could not warm him
He died softly 'neath the winter moon

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