White Houses Songtext
von Eric Burdon & the Animals

White Houses Songtext

White houses in neat little rows,
Contrasting against the sky.
Tumble down black shacks over the tracks,
Children so hungry they could cry.
The chrome the steel, the metal dream,
Leaving the teeth which will rot.
The escapist young mind left behind,
Saving dimes for community pot.
Better get straight
You better, you better get straight, babe
I feel, you better get straight right now
You better get it
You better, you better get straight baby

They're crying out for love all the time,
But they fail to see the neighbors eyes.
The TV is on the six o'clock news,
And the channels are full color lies.
Company meets, the president speaks,
He's young but his bones creak.
Young girl dresses for the high school dance
And the guy next door is dying for a peek.

Get straight, you better
Yeah you better get straight, baby
Oh, did you get what I say?
I say it to you
That you, you better,
You better get it, babe
You better, you better get straight, yeah
Before it's too late

They put the Bible in the drawer of the motel room,
And its crying out to be read.
But is stays right there collecting dust,
No one understands what's being said.
Lovers make love in concrete boxes,
What will tomorrow bring?
They've been told that its wrong but they don't give a damn,
Soon another life it will bring
You better get straight baby
Yeah, You
You better get straight baby

Oh and I think I'd better get myself together too, babe
You know what I mean?
I've been angry so very long
I want to fly right here
I want to do it all right
I want to get it get it baby
You better get it, you better get it
You better get straight right now
Because I've been told
And I'm telling you baby
Pass it on
It's really good advice

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