Once Upon a Nightmare Songtext
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Once Upon a Nightmare Songtext

On the way to sacred shores
And in the arms of the life that we adore
Moonlight shows a white design
That's been waiting for a chance to seize a soul once more

Sweet lad, o come and join me, do!'
On a road
Such pretty games I will play with you
Changing course

Lightning strikes where we depart
An eerie voice as the night embraced the heart
Resonating from the life that is moving on
To new windows of the soul

Will you, sweet lad, come along with me?
My daughters shall care for you tenderly
Hear his mystic voice
I love you, your comelimess charms me, my boy!
He feeds on stainless souls

We are stuck in the night
Ancient power will strike
Feel the fire
Now run into his arms
Leave your shelter behind
We are going to fly
Higher than high
We will take on the sky
Feel my senses
United by the night

Now it's time to close the door
And open up like before
New windows of the soul
The silence of the void
A father's life destroyed

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