Southern Comfort Songtext
von Envy on the Coast

Southern Comfort Songtext

[Doctor:] "But you're not being rational, Miss Tyler.
Now you know you can't expect to live any kind of a life among, normal people..."

[Miss Tyler:] "I could try... I... I could wear a mask for this bandage...
Or... I wouldn't bother anybody
I'd just go my own way... I'd get a job, any job! Who are you people anyway!
What is this state! Who makes all these rules and traditions and statutes that
People who are different have to stay away from people who are normal?
The state isn't God, doctor."

[Doctor:] "Miss Tyler, please... please..."

[Miss Tyler:] "THE STATE IS NOT GOD!"

I don't bathe in the flesh like the American way...
But I've savored the breathe of American ladies...
Another bee in the petals of a flower choked in the weeds...
Your mother lied when she said she knows of real beauty... ohhhh

[Doctor:] What is it that makes no difference between beauty and something... with talent...?

If you swallow the bait
With a bottle of wine
You can live like a queen
In the open wound of a pretty smile...

Well I ate for hours and hours and hours and I'm still hungry...
I Filled the body with gasoline and let you ignite me... ohh
I'd only wish I had a match for every baby girl on Earth.
To save them from drowning in their mother's milk after birth...

[Miss Tyler:] "You mean imprisoned, don't you doctor!
You're talking about a ghetto aren't you.
A ghetto designed for freaks!"

You don't sleep in your skin 'cause it makes you feel cheap...
So you hang it next to your bed and hope your bones will still keep... ohh

If you swallow the bait
With a bottle of wine

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