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Kim Songtext
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Kim Songtext

Aww, look at daddy's baby girl
That's daddy's baby, little sleepy head
Yesterday I changed your diaper, wiped you and powdered you
How did you get so big? Can't believe it, now you're two
Baby you're so precious, daddy's so proud of you
Sit down bitch! You move again I'll beat the shit out of you! (Okay)

Don't make me wake this baby! She don't need to see what I'm bout to do!
Quit crying, bitch! Why do you always make me shout at you?!
How could you just leave me and love him out the blue?!
Oh, what's the matter Kim, am I too loud for you?!
Too bad, bitch! You're gonna finally hear me out this time!
At first, I'm like: "Aight, you wanna throw me out; that's fine!"
But not for him to take my place! Are you out your mind?!
This couch, this TV, this whole house is mine!
How could you let him sleep in our bed?! Look it, Kim!
Look at your husband now! (No!) I said, look at him!
He ain't so hot now, is he, little punk?!
(Why are you doing this?!) Shut the fuck up!
(You're drunk! You're never gonna get away with this!)
You think I give a fuck?! Come on! We're going for a ride, bitch! (No!)
Sit up front! (We can't just leave Hailie alone! What if she wakes up?)
We'll be right back; well, I will: you'll be in the trunk!

So long, bitch you did me so wrong
I don't wanna go on, living in this world without you

You really fucked me Kim! You really did a number on me!
Never knew me cheatin' on you would come back to haunt me
But we was kids then, Kim! I was only eighteen
That was years ago! I thought we wiped the slate clean
That's fucked up! (I love you!) Oh God, my brain is racing
(I love you!) What are you doing? Change the station!
I hate this song! Does this look like a big joke? (No!)
There's a year-old little laying dead with a slit throat
In your living room! Ha-ha! What, you think I'm kidding you?!
You loved him didn't you? (No!)
Bullshit, you bitch! Don't fucking lie to me!
What the fuck's this guy's problem on the side of me?
Fuck you asshole! Yeah, bite me!
Kim, Kim! Why don't you like me? You think I'm ugly, don't you?
(It's not that!) No, you think I'm ugly (Baby)
Get the fuck away from me! Don't touch me!
I hate you! I hate you! I swear to God, I hate you!
Oh my God, I love you! How the fuck could you do this to me?!
(I'm sorry!) How the fuck could you do this to me?!

So long, bitch you did me so wrong
I don't wanna go on, living in this world without you

Come on, get out! (I can't! I'm scared!)
I said get out, bitch! (Let go of my hair!)
(Please don't do this, baby! Please! I love you!)
(Look, we can just take Hailie and leave!)
Fuck you! You did this to us! You did it! it's your fault!
Oh my God, I'm cracking up, get a grip Marshall!
Hey, remember the time we went to Brian's party
And you were, like, so drunk that you threw up all over Archie?
That was funny, wasn't it? (Yes) That was funny, wasn't it?! (Yes!)
See, it all makes sense, doesn't it?
You and your husband have a fight
One of you tries to grab a knife, and during the struggle
He accidentally gets his Adam's apple sliced! (No!)
And while this is going on, his son just woke up and he walks in
She panics and he gets his throat cut! (Oh my God!)
So now they both dead, and you slash your own throat
So now it's double homicide and suicide with no note!
I should've known better when you started to act weird
We coulda... hey, where you going? Get back here!
You can't run from me Kim! It's just us, nobody else!
You're only making this harder on yourself!
Ha-ha, got ya! Go ahead, yell!
Here, I'll scream with you! "Ah, somebody help!"
Don't you get it bitch? No one can hear you!
Now shut the fuck up and get what's coming to you!
You were supposed to love me!!
Now bleed bitch, bleed!! Bleed bitch, bleed!! Bleed!!

So long, bitch you did me so wrong
I don't wanna go on, living in this world without you

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