Asleep Songtext
von Emilie Autumn

Asleep Songtext

As I lie here so low
I hear a tick or tock to stop my heart
And as I lie here so low
I see a shape that shifts my brain

But all the while
I still know
That i've got miles
Left to go

I, don't wanna leave my bed
I, would rather dream instead
Of walking 'round with my head down
Stumbling blindly through this town
All the while I wish i was sound
Asleep in my bed

The mad-hatter had tea on the moon
4 and 20 blackbirds in a pie on my spoon
Cause as I lie here so low
I'm an astronaut in a fairy tale
As I lie here so low
I never can control my mind

Well I wish
I could sleep all day
But I can't
And thats why I say


Asleep but it's time to wake up
The tick tock of the nightmare clock
It's the buzz of the alarm please stop
I can't take the noise i need a pleasent thought
One that sounds something like this

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