Janglin Songtext

Well our mamas they left us
And our daddies took a ride
And we walked out of the castle
And we held our head up high
Well we once were the jesters
In your kingdom by the sea
And now we're out to be the masters
For to set our spirits free – set free

We want to feel ya!
We don't mean to kill ya!
We come back to heal ya – janglin soul
Edward and the Magnetic Zeros

Well your wartime is funny
Your guns don't bother me
I said we're out to prove the truth of
The man from Galilee
Well your laws are for dummies, yeah
Your institution's dead
I say we're out to blow the trumpet
To wake you all from bed – from bed


We carry the mail
We carry it home
We carry the mail now
We carry it home
Scare up your letters
Give us your tails
Blowing like whale now to
Magnetic ears


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