Fiya Wata Songtext
von Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Fiya Wata Songtext

I'm sending you all of my love
You with a heart to feel it
(Feel it)
You in the light and dark
With the eyes to see it
(See it)

Love, go ahead, love, stand beside us
Love is within each heart to guide us
And I thank the sun for shining that light
And letting love blaze like

Fire water
We're all still learning
The river forgives
All tides are turning

(You know)
Some say the river won't flow
They say it's gonna stay run dry
(You know)
Once more the river will flow

For every time it was dry
We'll all be sharing a river of love
And letting love blaze like

River, river, river

Love like a river, the river, it flows
However dark or long the night is
Right where you are
That's where the light is

My love
The sun is your reflection
It's true, we're one
We're all each other

Lay down your arms
Lay down your guns
Open your arms
Free your heart

And know one day I'll see you all
Farther down this river
To a place we've never, ever known

Tonight our song will finally
Know the sound of love delivered
To its hiding place
Beneath the winter snow

And I thank the sun
For shining that light

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