Child Songtext

The voices in my head are shadows, shadows
She comes to me to tell me what they're after
Says it ain't the end, boy
But you best be careful, careful

Might catch your tail end in a circle, circle
The ocean, how she moves in ripples, ripples
In flashing lights I swear she was an old friend
Then the color bleeds

And she becomes an angel, an angel
Calls out to me like a siren to a scoundrel
I say come on, child
And I say come on, child

The blanket where she hides by virgin lights
Look to the sea where the cotton hits a turnpike
Staring at her knees but I don't
Have the words right, words right now

If it were up to me might make her turn right, turn right
Lost another one but she just smiles, smiles
Black loving eyes and a stare that sees for miles
Says she wants to stay

Oh, wants to stay a child, child now
And wonders why we ever, ever have to die
And I say, come on, child
And I say, come on, child

Just a torch I'm gonna carry, carry
Another time where our palms shared the same line
The accent of a kiss whispers we're married, married now
It's either love or just the sun in my eyes

And I say, come on, child
And I say, come on, child, love, love, love, love, love

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