The Drive Songtext
von D‐Tropp

The Drive Songtext

How many times do I gotta pray
Before I see a blessing come my way
I'm feeling like I lost my way
I'm just trying to make a way

Take me back to those glory days
When there was more of love and not more of change
We were young and dumb
And I'd be growing up
But what have we became?

Can't take no handouts
Gotta make my own plans now
And I'll never be outstanding unless I stand out
Understand now

That I could've died before 22 but I was born to live a legacy
And this a life that I would die for so ima live it out to the death of me
Ima tell my story, and they cheering for me
To God be the glory, young kid but I'm more of king

They say that if you got the drive you'll make it far
So I'm switching lanes on this road of dreams and I'm never planning to park

(Now you know x3)

I know You see me
But I know You see something better
And at times I get weak
But I know You make me better
I need to
Move Ride away, can we ride away?
Ride away, lets ride away

Uh, can I take it deep and then rap?
Can I take you back to my childhood, can I take you back to my past?
My birthmom was on drugs and did about everything to try to keep me
But she knew that the best thing for her to do was just leave me
Best decision she could've made, man I grew up like a champion
Being a black kid in a white school, it was hard to fit in like I was backin' in
Cut from my talent show, they were sleeping on me like an ambient
And even though they want you to lose, you can't forget that you plan to win

And I had neighbors that were racist
But I was still off to the races
Cause what's the point of even having a goal if you let 'em tell you don't chase it?

And it ain't even about the pen and paper
Cause if I ain't bringing you hope, then I ain't doing you favors

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