Beseech Songtext
von Dot Hacker

Beseech Songtext

I wanna be yours
Be yours more so I don't have to be mine
I wanna see myself be enough
For the rest of my life
Lacking something major
We all know what was wasn't
I beseech you listen up
Even if it don't apply

You're the screaming
Screaming when my throat runs dry
I'm behind your turnaround
Not sure who's the buzz
And who's the ground
Who we supposed to hear it from
Who's got it in 'em to tell us
Don't fixate on the broken
Deceive myself every time I try

Hide and seek you
You're just waiting to be caught, to be found
Let me be your feet on the ground
Be your safe and sound
I wanna see you get angry
The war's waiting for my word
Remember me
Remember me

I'm deceiving
Telling fire it's water
I'm diseased
I'd stay as far away from me as I can
I just want to be enough
Nothing kills me like the sound of your name
I beseech you
How can you still believe you're not enough

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