Glory Songtext
von D‐Nice

Glory Songtext

"When they gon' give us the blue suits?"

Back in the civil war days of 1863
Was the year that free
Blacks would try to adapt as soldiers
Live as equals and get what's owed us
And in this time they had yet to find inner peace
Which comes from the heart and mind
So listen close as I explain the story
Of the regiment of blacks on the path to find Glory

"Courage, spirit, and honor" . on the path to find Glory
"Courage, spirit, and honor"

Bust it, yo
Here's an example of courage and strength
That dwelled in the men that went the whole length
To prove that each can stand as a man
And demonstrate, he can carry his own weight
But there was some tryin to add to the plight
Of the black man, denyin his right to fight
As an equal, for self-esteem
Ran through the crew or so it seemed
Cause even in times when life seemed colder
He still remained proud to be a black soldier
Waitin for the chance to advance
And under the circumstance, managed to enhance
His courage, and when put to war
He'd do much more than what's bargained for
And each man, that can tell the story
Knew from the start deep down in his heart they'd find Glory

"Courage, spirit, and honor" . on the path to find Glory
"Courage, spirit, and honor" . break it down

[scratch:] "here's an example of courage and strength"

These brothers have died and cried, for power and freedom
But now look what we've done
We're robbin and killin our own race
Black and rap will be lost without a trace
So take heed to the knowledge I'm bustin
You're sellin yourself short, that's "Self Destruction"
The song I sing to let freedom ring
So listen to the knowledge I bring as I speak about Glory

"Courage, spirit, and honor" . as I speak about Glory
"Courage, spirit, and honor" . yeah

"Courage, spirit, and honor"
"Courage, spirit, and honor"

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