Brand New Day Songtext
von Dizzee Rascal

Brand New Day Songtext

(Intro(Dizzee Rascal talking))
Yo, MC's betta start chattin about wot's really happenin
Because if you ain't chattin about wot's happenin here
Where ya livin? where ya talkin about?
Coz you know and I know, its gonna be a hot summer, yo
And you know wot (its live-o) its gonna be an even hotter winter
(Its live-o) and I ain't even talkin about the weather
(Dizzee Rass, Roll Deep on these)
Dizzee Rascal, uh

(verse 1)
Looks like i'm loosin friends
There's a lot of hostility in my endz
We used to argue, always make other new friends
Now we settle disagreements with the skenz
Looks like i'm loosin mates
There's a lot of hostility near my gates
We used to fight with kids from other estates
Now 8 millimetres settle debates
Looks like i'm loosin sight
Coz i'm lookin at the future, it ain't bright
So I look out my window, pray every night
I thank God for my friends but they ain't tight
Looks like i'm loosin hope
Coz I climbed this mountain without rope
But I know i'm the captain of my boat
So I steadily sail and hope not to fail

But its a Brand New Day
New opportunities, wot can I say
I plan to make my pay
But put sum away for an offkey day(x2)
Demand, collect, cash upfront and direct
Pay money, pay respect, don't insult my intellect(x2)

(Verse 2)
When we ain't kids no more
Will it still be about wot it is rite now
Like fightin for anything, anytime
And actin without a care anywhere
When we ain't kids no more
Will it still be about wot is rite now
Like bankscams, street robbery
Shotters, plotters or HMP
When we ain't kids no more
Will it still be about wot it is rite now
Pregnant girls who think they love
Useless mans with no plans
When we ain't kids no more
Will it still be about wot it is rite now
Coz negative signs just keep showin up
Some of us betta just start growin up


(Verse 3)
When I look at my life I can't help but think
Coz I could hav resorted to drugs and drink
Everyday was the same as the day before
We were never quite sure of wot's in store
Everyday I wake up I can't help but feel
I'm certain of life, I mean this is real
Mouthfuls skippin round my head like dancers
I know its wrong to question, but I need answers
The who's, the wot's, the how's, the when's, the why's
You can look in my face, you see the pain in my eyes
Tears ready to fall like the rain in the skies
But I hope that I put my feet down and rise
Coz guys wanna test my words
So I can't jus cater for second and third
Plus I know predators only go for the weak
And thats long so I gotta stay strong
Get me?


(Outro(Dizzee Rascal talking))
(Uh, get me) it's real like that
(We're not fuckin about) yo
You know we're goin on dirty, goin on stank
Summer's gonna be real man
(Dizzee Rascal lookin tank)
And winter's gonna be realer
Betta start wakin up (move, move)
(Get me, uh, nothin ain't sweet, nothin ain't sweet)
It's live-o, it's live-o (bip up my bredrin Wiley)
(Ha-ha it's all love) Roll, uh, Deep
(I'm out of here now, let me go for a walk)
Dizzee Rass, we're comin out, (comin out, comin out, comin out)
New stylee i'm finished, next one, next one
(Bring the next one)

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