Tell Me Why Songtext
von Den Harrow

Tell Me Why Songtext

I can understand it
money's what you're working for

But I'm not a bandit and I don't love war.
I can only find out what it takes to have a lot

I don't have no more doubt
I'll keep what I've got!

Tell me why
tell me why
if sometimes you are happy

Tell me why
tell me why other times you're down

Tell me why
tell me why
why some people are lucky

Tell me why
tell me why life goes up and down.

Why is it that one guy's got everythin' going well

Why the other ones try
have to work like hell?
When your life is sunny
everybody's on your side

When it isn't funny
you have got to hide.

I don't know where to go if I will get an answer

it's such a mistery!
who can say if I'll be a romancer
go down in history.
Tell me why
tell me why
if sometimes you are happy
. . .

I don't even know yet how to make the world go round

To be rich or in debt
to get off the ground.
Don't know the reason
I think I'll never
never know it

Who could ever answer? Maybe I wirr never I

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