This Time, This Year Songtext
von Defiance, Ohio

This Time, This Year Songtext

lately morning feels like i'm not winning. it's
like i know a lot ... lots of missing.
there is a skyscraper takeover on 8th and broad,
and i can't go explore out of fear.
the same old fear and the same old doubts like
why dancing scares the hell out of me.
and astrology says it will be fun to forget last year in the new year.
and you are so sweet for reminding me of all that i can do alone.

this time, this year, is bigger than us, it goes
on long after we're gone! this town has taken it
all out of us, made us look at our lives through new eyes. ... i love you in so many ways. you taught me to give, to lose, to love, to be lost, and now how to want.

i held your shoulders. we cried in the dark. that
was last year, and we were so scared. so when it
comes march, will we march together? ride bikes to the river and wreck them along the way.

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