Moving Out Songtext
von Dayglow

Moving Out Songtext

It might be time to let somebody in
It never gets good if you never begin

And I know that it′s gone
And the feeling is not yet
You're still moving out
Oh, it′s so hard to leave when
You've got your feet on the ground

And it's always strange
In a room full of strangers
But you′re growing to be
Something you can′t see right now

You're counting the days
′Til the seasons change
Want it to be the way that it was
But there is a magic
When you break that habit
Start looking at it with love, oh

It's what you′re made of
You're still moving out?
Man, get up on your feet
Go see what your dream′s all about

'Cause man, it gets strange
When a friend is a stranger
But you're growing to be
Something you can′t see right now

And no one is perfect
So let go of that burden that′s
Got you working all night
Yeah, we're still learning
And that′s all right, all right

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