Black Lives Matter Songtext
von Dax

Black Lives Matter Songtext

I can′t breathe
I can't breathe
I can′t breathe

Yeah, this a revolution in our time everybody's fighting
Change coming, yes
That's why it′s an acronym for riot
Everybody has a voice, don′t you dare stay silent
If you say nothing, you are an accessory to violence
Let these words dry the tears of my people that are crying
We can bring back hope, but not people that are dying

This is what happens when the people you've oppressed
Ask fo change in a country that they built, but you ignored and deny it
This for Sandra Bland, George Floyd, and every single family
Police brutality has intervened in and destroyed
Couple bad cops can′t define all you other boys
So every good cop needs to stand up and make some noise

Black, white, Asain, doesn't matter cause we can′t avoid so let's all
So let′s all come together, join hands and, yes, get annoyed
At people who believe racism makes sense
In a country built off minority slave work employed
Nobody's born racist, man, it's something you learn
Deep-rooted in your brain from the day of your birth

I think it′s time that we repair all of the bridges we′ve burned
And let love out of our hearts onto cheeks we've turned
Spread love, show love, lets get rid of this curse
Don′t wait for anyone to act, man, you go first
400 years wasted, let's get rid of this hurt
′Cause that's the only way we′ll ever see peace on earth

I can't breathe (I can't breathe)
I can′t breathe
I can′t breathe

Change is what we really need
Cut me open
Cut you open, red's the color every single human beings bleeds
Let′s come together cops, citizens, and in between
And rally for the rights of everybody in humanity
Black, blue, white, green
Playing for the same team

I'm not MLK, but boy that doesn′t mean I can't dream
Black lives matter shouldn′t anger you
Or make you scream "all lives matter"
'Cause we aren't treated equally

Remember when we were kids and didn′t see color
And when we played in kindergarten, and I called you my brother
Then we grew up, and they taught us we should hate on each other
Even though we one in the same, and we all came from our mothers
I hope y′all understand
Hate is not a trait it was learned, man
Equality is the quality we need inside this earth, man
Give and receive, it's the karma that you earn, man (its Dax)

I can′t breathe (I can't breathe)
I can′t breathe
I can't breathe (I can′t breathe)

I can't breathe
I can't breathe
I can′t breathe

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