Jericho Songtext
von David Duchovny

Jericho Songtext

Full Fathom Five
My Father Lies
Lying to this day
In empty hands, I
Hold The Prize
The Pearls, that were his eyes
The things he didn't say

In unmarked ground he
Wanders around
Forever lost and found
I wait in vain to hear him
Call my name
Forever anyway
I can almost hear him say

It's no sin to move on
Leave the dead in the ground
Little boy blue
Blow Joshua's horn
Let's just see what comes
Tumbling down

Waiting by my father's grave
For a sign that never comes
Acceptance of the hopelessness saves
So I, a man become
And a father to my son

It's no sin to walk on
Put the dead weight down
Little boy blue
Blow Gabriel's horn
Let's just see what comes
Back around

In the silence
Words begin to form
Like the distant
Clouds before the storm
Back around

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