Stealing Youth (Prod. D.Mile) Songtext
von D-WHY

Stealing Youth (Prod. D.Mile) Songtext

I think about you and I
And what should have been
And if we could I would do it all again
Those summer days, those winter nights
Where did they go?
I want you to need me now
I just thought you should know
Here I am, here I stand
Nothing in my pockets, got holes in my pants
Nothing to do, I got nothing to give
Except my time and who I am spending it with
So let's keep driving 'round all night, all night
No matter what, it's gon' be alright, alright
And even though we may die soon
I'm here with you, we're stealing youth
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, all night, all night
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, all right, all right
I don't want grow old with you
Let's be young forever, stealing youth
We all got problems, don't be concerned
You try and sometimes you fail, you live and you
Days pass by, the world spins, what have you really
What's happiness if you can't share it with some-
If you don't love me, it's okay
Age is a debt that we all must pay
Life is too short to live in regret
What you see is what you get

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