Then Kill Cæsar Songtext
von Current 93

Then Kill Cæsar Songtext

I was awake dreaming
Of new Dystopias to run to
And hide within
And new faces to wear
And new bodies to inhabit
And new lies to guzzle
And how I loved the moon
And its sheet of seeds

The moon tiding in your body
The smell of your blood breathing
And its taste in the sea
In the South shining my feet
Till it seemed as if they were made with dew
There are pearls of huge beauty in the sunset
Moontime for lying heads
Their snakefaces
Have burrowed into this world
From Har Megiddo Time

Whilst kissing the bronze King
Whilst kissing the copper King
Whilst kissing the silver King
Whilst kissing the golden King
Give into Mammon
And then kill Caesar cannot come
Both brothers have sodomized
The given sky
Then Kill Caesar
Oh Kill Caesar

Black Ships eat skies
and pumpkin pies
And cross their hearts
And so carry on
And cannot die
And devour the sky
So then kill Caesar
Then kill Caesar

Tarmac angels
Burst into the seafoam
The end sees blood
It's buzzing like flies
And skipping-tops clown
A rich harvest of berries
Planetary Israel
Mother and Father
Blue and gold
Beauty Israel
But then kill Caesar
then kill Caesar
The sunset comes
And then becomes
A million sunrises
Shuddering at once
But then kill Caesar
Black Ships invade the Realm
Then kill Caesar
Then kill Caesar
Then kill Caesar
Then kill Caesar

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