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Collapse Songtext

Back-pedalling into the black, but I can still make out the figures that will threaten my well being.
The wind will rise and fall, but never sway from side to side.
Progression halted, encapsulating the fluid weave of death like a garden that contains all of it's arrested offspring.
We're afraid to force our legs to break free from the earth and take the first step towards our insecurity.
Sleep away your selfishness.
Slip into collapse, a still-like
state of disregard from which you can't fall back.
You never fully moved me, I've been embedded in the dust and my mind has been ravaged by war. Pray for farewell as if I was yours to lose.
I would love to love you, if you were someone else.
So forgive me for being unresponsive.
I'm sure it's hard to train your ears to hear me crying out for help with my lips sewn shut by stitches of my own indecision.
So I'll speak in whispers to permit my throat relief.
I bite my tongue, fill my mouth with blood, and swallow enough to kill me before I'm forced to lose more sleep.
I would love to love you, if you were someone else.
Am I fit to walk alone again, or will you save me from myself?
Breathe life into me, be all that I can see or carry on without me and just know I wished you well.

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