Hippies Triumph Songtext
von Count Raven

Hippies Triumph Songtext

Peace & love & understanding,
was the cry of the mid sixties
Visions in acid showed the way,
we smiled at one another
Colours of the rainbow filled my head,
and I loved a beautiful princess
We lived for a better day & for a world
where we loved aech other
The freaks they really showed the way,
Gods children of the new tomorrow
Fight for a new society, or You will die in sorrow

This is a hippies thriumph, and at the same time
He fears the mistake of all youth

One mistake we made and so do You
All youth think they live forever
Life is short & runs away from You,
and You have no time to hate your neighbour
Think of yourself all the way, was the cry of the eighties
Corrupted minds ruled a whole decade,
let's hope it turns in the nineties

This is your father speaking
and as every parent I'll fear for my youth

So sick & tired, of hearing same cry
The youth they don't understand us,
they don't hear what we say
The younger says that they don't listen,
but You don't give them a chance to try
Use communication, on this I pray

Looking at the world today, no one loves each other
Hate instead of love we want they say,
from the cup of madness You are drinking
Spitting in the face of love,
then you spit in the face of creation
If You want a better world today,
then face it now & start thinking

This is a hippies thriumph, and at the same time
He fears the mistake of all youth

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