Boston Girl Songtext
von Chris Trapper

Boston Girl Songtext

From Nashville to Asheville to North Carolina
I searched far and wide to see if I could find
A woman I could call my own
so I could buy her a ring and build her a home
But I always ended up by myself
With the blues in my heart and my love on the shelf
So I went from Chicago to Detroit, Michigan
but I left the singles bar thinking I'd never have a wish again
and off to Minneapolis and maybe St. Paul
The girls there have an accent I don't understand at all
I'm telling you boys, I've been across the world
if you want to fall in love go find a Boston Girl

Well, when I got to L.A. things couldn't have been worse
I was kissing with a girl and her implant burst
I didn't want a porn star or an actress wannabe
So I moved to San Francisco, but my she was a he
And oh woe is me off to Salt Lake City, Utah
where if you look at a girl, you're breaking the law
I even had a date with a psycho in Seattle
where picking the restaurant and the movie was a battle
And in Phoenix, Arizona I had a candlelight dinner
but she ate with her hands and wiped her face with her fingers
I'm telling you boys, I've been across the world
I want an elegant, intelligent Boston Girl

Well, Albany's so fun I spent a month there one day
but Buffalo is cool so I can't stay away
In Philly and Washington and Atlantic City
I was searching and sulking until it finally hit me
that maybe I should end my year long trip
and forget about the dream of a relationship
Connect to the Mass Pike at I-95
Singing George Jones the whole way that I drive
Couldn't tell if I was glad or not to be back home
with three new gray hairs and two old tires blow
So exhausted from my trip around the world
the last thing on my mind was a Boston Girl

But you see Boston Girls know how to deal with the traffic
and Boston Girls don't have attitude 'cause they have it
They can be dressed up or they can be dressed down
They know just what to do when their man's in town
So I was picking the weeds in my lonely backyard
suddenly I turned around to hear a lawnmower start
It was a beautiful brunette who said "Get out of my way"
I said "Whose lawn is this anyway?"
It can be yours and mine if we work real hard
because the best kind of love is in your own backyard
So for love done light take a trip around the world
for a job done right go find a Boston Girl-->

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