Mistake in Parting Songtext
von Chelsea Wolfe

Mistake in Parting Songtext

Your face is as clean as any boy I had ever seen
And your taste was so familiar
Oh I swore I'd lick your skin before and
I don't want to be a mistake in parting from her
Did I make you realize that she's the only one you'd die for?

I pined for the day when my skin melted away
And you held me close and declared, "this is all you."
Was it just that we are into some sort of innocent unknown's
And are you satisfied now that you've had me?

Now I fear you'll never take me in again it was far from perfect
And reminds me of the places where people met
We laid together in one bed
Now the absence of your kiss is plaguing me
Your light shining In the light of day

I don't want to be here I don't know where I want to be
Or where I am going I am just so un-satisfied
I look out for aggressive places I have loved and been
People I have lost along the way now you are one of them.
We are a father's dove, a mother's we are a vision of despair
And knowing that I knew you when they said
Makes me want to die in bed too
Your light shining In the light of day
Oh your light shining In the light of day

Now you've got your words, you got your girl
And I sit here wondering
What does she have, that I don't have?
She's got her plans, she's got your hands
Around her waist and I ask myself
Is this forever? So unreal

Oh your domination with this is all about
You took the easy way out.
My heart is much too sick for this
For this I need someone who will tell me
The truth not just pieces of information
That make me feel like ya liked me

Oh I think your playing both sides of the fence
Your eyes burning the light of day
Are you telling the truth?
Are you telling the truth?
Are you telling the truth?
It's such a simple world
Where we just create all these problems
And then suffer as we try to solve them
The human condition is so fucked up

And miserable, that's why we need love
Someone tell me where I can find it
Please... I need it, someone to hold me
Close and declare you are my one and only love.
Please... I need it, someone tell me
Where I can find this love
Your light shining In the light of day
Oh your light shining In the light of...

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