Eulogy Songtext
von Chaotica

Eulogy Songtext

He was a boy, 15 years old,
Big boned, but his heart was pure gold.
He played the tuba in high school,
Other kids didn't think he was cool.

He was that kid always picked last,
When they chose teams in his gym class.
They knocked his books out of his hands,
Because he marched in the school band.

They poured his drink down his T-shirt,
They did not care how much he hurt.
They taped a sign on his book bag
That said "Wide load - I'm a huge fag."

He was just a boy, just 15 years old,
He had a big heart that was made of gold.
He played the tuba in his high school band,
He was the type who always lent a hand.

He went down the hall and hid inside,
The school bathroom where he sat and cried.
Some mean kids came in and pushed him down,
On a toilet that was stained with brown.

They dunked his head in the toilet bowl,
His face was plugging the dirty hole.
They grabbed their cell phones and they took pics,
When they left they posted them for kicks.

Then he stood up on the toilet seat.
Took his belt, his pants fell to his feet.
Wrapped the belt 'round his neck and the stall,
Took one last step so that he would fall...

At his funeral his mother gave him a kiss,
She read his eulogy and it went something like this:

When he would come home he would tell me that,
Some boys at his school would call him fat.
But he prayed to God up until the end,
To forgive those boys they were his friends.

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