I'll Make Cereal Songtext
von Cavetown

I'll Make Cereal Songtext

Fall into my mattress endlessly
I need to run, just let me sleep
Then the nightmares come that feel so real
Seems the darkness weighs it down
The later on, the more it pounds
And in the morning I'll make cereal

The world's coming to an end
What's the point if we can't be friends?
Pick me up from dungeon's ferris wheel
Getting lost inside my head
Not too long 'til we're all dead
And in the morning I'll make cereal

So what'll it be
Cornflakes or toast?
Pills or a dose of radiation?
Armageddon is far too close
She visits me every night
At least it makes good conversation

Marine comes before ET
Maybe space is under the sea
And the sky is full of coral reefs
UFOs swim in the dark
We're fixated on the sharks
Slicing fins and plucking their teeth

All of this it comes to me
In the deep corners of my sleep
And the bed frame starts to creak and reel
Fish leave poison in my brain
Starts to turn me insane
But in the morning I'll make cereal

As always I'll make cereal
As always I'll make my favourite cereal

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