Five Thirty-Five Songtext
von Buck Dharma

Five Thirty-Five Songtext

Third party on a watts line, no way
Hey operator, hold all my calls
I've realized all that I'm obliged
I'm covered now any which way it falls

A bank roll from the teller that's
My ripstop parachute's fully packed
I'm tuning out muzak, gossip and static
Catchin' the

Oh, gonna take a train ride
Get out of town and really come alive on the
Five thirty-five oh oh oh, oh

She's wrapping up Friday's business
I contemplate our three days alone
Spot's visiting friends this weekend
Her roommate hovers in the twilight zone

So happy this woman makes me excited
Like a kid again floating in a sea of love
So gratified now that we fly united
Meet her on the

Hope the train is on time (repeat three times)

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